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This demanding one-day hike begins in the small village of Champfèr, where the trail initially takes us through the forest and then into the Val Suvretta da San Murezzan.

After passing Alp Suvretta we continue to the left-hand fork, where we also cross the mountain stream.

From here onwards the ascent becomes steeper and we quickly gain height.

The ridge at 2870 m is a welcome spot for a short rest.

The route now follows the ridge and a certain amount of caution is required along the narrow path.

Hikers who are not sure-footed or suffer from vertigo should leave out the ascent to the summit and continue directly with option A.

While this alpine tour requires concentration, it rewards the hiker time and time again with wonderful views of the surrounding summits.

The summit is reached at 3380 m and on a good day there are views of hundreds of mountain peaks.

For the descent take the same trail back down to the valley or continue the hike with option A.

The stony path eventually meets up with the Julier Pass road at Alp Güglia.

The hiking route now runs parallel with the pass road back to the valley to Silvaplana. #Note(s)# The white-blue-white path marking to Piz Julier indicates that this is an alpine route with easy climbing sections and alpine hazards, which therefore require a sure footing and a head for heights as well as the proper alpine equipment.

Hikers who are not accustomed to alpine routes and to trails that require a sure footing should choose option A as their circuit. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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