An interesting long run crossing many other pistes.









Since it crosses many other pistes, this is not a run where you can let go and ski at top speed.

Though Zürs tends to be fairly quiet most of the season, there are other people around and skiing dangerously is a sure-fire way to end your holiday early.

The run widens and narrows and undulates pleasantly throughout, with some interesting steep sections which can have moguls depending on the time of year.

Like much of this area, this run is usually icy in the morning, but soon warms up thanks to its east facing slopes.

Run 16 offers the fastest way to transfer between Zürsersee and Seekopf, but because of the way the lift system is designed, with both lifts arriving at more or less the same place, this is rarely an issue.

This a a fun piste for intermediates and above who want to enjoy all that Zürs has to offer.