Beginners paradise and great base for families









The slopes on Rohrmoser Plateau are beginner friendly, snowboarders need some speed to get across when coming from the upper parts of Hochwurzen.

The whole plateau is very beginner and family suitable, there are skischools and short T-bars for training, so one is not limited to one slope.

And there are some huts, restaurants and even hotels scattered on the plateau with pleasant changing views towards Dachstein.

For kids attending a course in the skischool there is a flying carpet and some small obstacles.

As one is basically in a village, there are some roads crossing the slope, cross them carefully.

For going up fast the whole Rohrmoser Plateau use the new Rohrmoos 2 6 person chairlift with seat heating and bubbles.

One can also drive up by car to the parking at Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen so one is not forced to ride down to the valley with little kids.