A steeper option off of the Saddle









Start on the Saddle by turning right off of the top of KT-22 and bear left down the ridge line, keep your momentum as there is a flat spot before the trail turns into a cat track.

At the end of the cat track, the Saddle proper starts on the right.

It works it's way down to the right at an angle with a double fall line.

It enters another cat track for a short distance bearing right and then goes fall line until is flattens some.

At this point the Saddle splits left to the Mountain Run.

For Saddle Face, stay right and go over a knoll for a steeper pitch down to the Mountain Run and the base of Headwall lift.

This is a nice wide steep pitch that is usually groomed.

Watch your speed as you enter the Mountain Run or cross over the Mountain run to get to Headwall.