Steep short coloirs









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These couloirs get ridden quite often, and even if they are more or less in the resort, they are to be taken seriously.

There already have been massive avalanches and the problem is that there are trees at the bottom, so even small slides can have disastrous consequences. The easiest and also safest option is the wide couloir next to Osthang (9), if you look at the terrain precisely, you will find a safe line, but there are some steeper parts which are not always safe.

The next option (lookers right) is really steep and full of bushes and tends to slide down by itself most of the time, that's why is has little snow, but it has a clean runout.

One couloir further right is really cool and nice training terrain, and the runout towards skiers right is clean.

But you have to get over the rather big windlip at the right spot.

If there is a slide, the ridges are safe, but beware of riding left at the runout or skier's left into the next couloir as this one is the one to be most likely to crack and has no safe runout, but a terrain trap at the end.

It also has a blind entry.

At one point there was an avalanche in this one which went over the dam into the lake. Another option is to ride along the ridge and over the bump, which is the easiest to ride and ends in a nice forest run.

Take some speed to get around the lake back to the slope.