An epic double black diamond trail that's great for experts looking for a real thrill.


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Ovation (lower) is a serious double black diamond trail for true experts only and it is one of Killington’s best.

To access this location, you need to take the Superstar Express Quad from the K1 base or The K1 Gondola to the Peak.

The easiest route is the Superstar Express Quad.

Exit the lift to the right and proceed on to Nivis Walk.

This is very narrow with a steep ledge to skier’s right.

Be kind to others on this since it is flat and there will be people looking to descend off Ovation Headwall (unmarked) to skier’s right.

You will take a sharp RIGHT turn when this dumps out on to Launch Pad.

BEWARE of occasional freestylers doing tricks off to the skier’s right of Launchpad as you merge.

Continue and then stop at the first clearing for Ovation (upper), which is on your left.

Also, watch for people descending down Ovation Headwall to your right.

If you choose to take the K1 Gondola, get on to Great Northern to Bear Trax and stay to skier’s left.

Take a left on to Launchpad and proceed to Ovation (upper).

Go left on to Ovation (upper) and proceed to the gate to Ovation (lower).

Ovation (lower) is closed A LOT because it is very steep and it gets very icy if it doesn’t have a lot of snow cover.

DO NOT POACH! You will get caught.

This gate is well marked and only enter if you are truly an expert.

Once through the gate, taxi slowly to the ridgeline to find your line.

This is super steep and most always has hidden exposed rocks, so be careful.

The line to the left is harder to descend as it is a bit steeper and has exposed rocks.

If you choose this line, unless you get there early on a powder day, you will find huge moguls here.

You will also get the thrill of an AWESOME run.

As you approach the bottom, the snow quality will improve as the lines open up.

If you choose a line from the top in the center or right, you will also get a thrill of victory when you get to the bottom.

You can choose to either stay straight and merge with the bottom of Flume to Cascade Runout and down to the K1 base area, or to stay to skier’s right and take the connecting trail back to the loading area of the Superstar Express Quad.

Ovation (lower) has a lot of light.

An awesome double black diamond rating for experts looking for a real thrill.