* The best showsland in the west of Innsbruck * As the eastern cornerstone of the Kühtaier and Northern Sellrainer Mountains, the Rosskogel offers a fantastic show especially in the central Innsbruck area. From there, its pointed silhouette already catches the eye, and so the mountain is of course gladly climbed. Especially the most beautiful ascent line, the north ridge, requires an experienced mountain climber. With two small extras we can even enrich the tour: On the one hand there is the Kögele (also called Sellrainer Sonnberg) - for less experienced people also a worthwhile alternative destination - and on the other hand there is the extensive hilltop of the Rangger Köpfl, which not far from the popular Rosskogelhütte is an easily accessible Inn valley lodge.


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From the Stiglreith car park, 1363 m, the shortest along the lift route (well-trodden path) first gently, behind the Sulzstich snack station clearly steeper uphill to the Rosskogelhütte, 1777 m.

The route continues along a wide alpine pasture path, which passes through the free southern flanks of the Rangger Köpfl to the junction at the Krimpenbachsattel, 1899 m, where the Krimpenbachsattel crosses.

We now take the "black" route to the Rosskogel, i.e.

along the pasture fence towards the southwest and thus over the dividing pastures to the shoulder at Windegg.

Here the ridge turns left and the path leads into the cliffs on the north ridge.

By the way, the thick wire rope next door is not a safety device, but a relic of the long disarmed transmitter.

Partly very steep, but without serious climbing hurdles, the route climbs up to the eastern summit of the Rosskogel, 2646 m.

In the descent you follow the connection briefly towards Weißstein, but in the Einsattelung at the west summit turn left into the south flank (signpost).

At the next fork turn left again, not into the Sellraintal, but diagonally across to the Schartl.

You can descend here on the other side, but it is more rewarding to continue along the ridge, where we avoid some boulders on the right and reach the reef cross in the grassy terrain.

With a small counter-climb we now also take the Kögele, 2195 m, with us.

From there down into the slope hollow of the Enggrube and onto the pastures at the Krimpenbachalm, 1918 m, which is no longer used as a snack station.

The Güterweg leads back to the Krimpenbachsattel, from where we can cross the extensive Rangger Köpfl, 1939 m, if we wish.

And so to the well-deserved final stop at the Rosskogelhütte.

Return to Stiglreith you can also use the road instead of the ski slope. equipment