An important mountain path in a beginners' skiing career









Especially for beginners, who have mastered snowplough turning, the easiest way to start the 28 is through Übungsland Lärchwald, at the top of the Kombibahn.

From here, the mountain path starts with a turn to left and joins the path coming from the direction of the Lärchwald lift.

Skiing on the 28, the path grants a truly breathtaking view over the mountains of the Zillertal.

It shortly joins the 27, in a very wide and even section.

The 28 seperates with a sharp turn to the left with a section that is a somewhat steeper and narrower than before.

The mountain path continues however, and at a wide turn to the left, piste 29 seperates.

The last S shaped section can be problematic for beginners, since it is quite steep and demands excellent snowploughing skills.

But once you have managed this, the last bit of piste is easy.

It will shortly join the 27, before it runs out, to the bottom of the Kombibahn.