A long run through the trees and people's backyards.









Only when the snow conditions are perfect is ski route 30 open.

It is the only run that allows you to ski or board all the way down, from the top of the Penkenbahn to the bottom of the Horbergbahn.

Although they are marked with poles and secured from avalanches, these ski routes are not groomed and the piste patrol does not operate on them.

Also, the farmers who own the land may not be keen on having people in their backyards.

The run starts just below the Kombibahn, next to the Stadlalm restaurant.

The first, open section narrows and then widens, running straight down.

The track continues at the right-hand side, through the trees, skiing across the flank of the mountain.

Be careful of the dips, caused by streams flowing down from the right side.

This section ends with a sharp turn to the left.

The track continues through the forest and joins a mountain path, which runs down in turns.

The steepest section of the ski route starts past the farmhouse, which you can pass on either side.

The track now leads over steep meadows and is crossed by asphalt roads.

After a last bit of forest, you will reach the bottom of the Horbergbahn.