A fun exposed ridge line









Arete means thin ridge of rock and this is basically what you are skiing on.

Watch for rocks, especially in the early to mid season.

It's a fun run with a nice pitch.

Don't wander too far skiers right as it the right side is a cliff.

Arete can be skied from Emigrant or Granite Chief chairs.

This run that faces NE.

From Emigrant chair go slightly right off the top of the chair and ski NW down towards the lowest point on the ridge line in front of you.

You will see a road (usually) groomed on your right that leads to the Attic.

Follow that around and look for the top of a gully with a line of trees on the right.

Skiers right through the trees is the top of Arete.

From Granite Chief turn left off of the top and follow the ridge line to the lowest point, keeping momentum to go past the lowest point onto a traverse that bears left.

Follow the traverse, which is below the road that comes from Emigrant.

Look for the gully and the trees on the right as above.

Bear left at the bottom to merge with Break it out as there is a cliff band at the bottom of the ridge.