A pristine low-angle bowl that leads to expert terrain


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Morning Glory Bowl lives up to its name.

Hit this pristine alpine on a sunny powder morning and the feeling is pretty close to nirvana.

The bowl starts as a shallow, undulating bowl.

It begins to steepen up partway down as a few sparse trees appear.

This is often the best turns of the entire run.

Depending on where you want to go next, you may have to traverse right above this headwall.

If you're headed to Puckers Gulch, stay right at the top of Morning Glory, and milk the slightly off-fall line glade heading east.

For those headed to Brand X, continue straight through the opening in the trees at the bottom of Morning Glory.

This is essentially a wide road cut just for you to get the best skiing.

While Morning Glory is a relatively easy double black diamond, it is the terrain it leads to that makes it difficult.

Below this pristine bowl lies a myriad of steep lines for experts only.