A green run with a steeper first pitch before flattening out.


Analysing terrain data








Coppertone is a great long flat that will bore the heck out of most people.

The funny thing is the first pitch is definitely a lot more difficult than the rest of the trail.

Access this from the top of the American Flyer lift, taking a right onto Coppertone.

The first pitch is pretty steep so if you are not good trying going across the trail and then back, in a big traverse.

After that it flattens out to a complete pancake that is almost uphill at points, and it goes on for quite a while.

There is another quick steeper pitch when going by a maintenance building and then another long flat till it meets up with Carefree.

I guess the pitches that are steeper will challenge the beginner but the rest is flat as a parking lot.

Watch out for people coming from the right side off some of the steeper pitches.