A fun and challenging double black extreme terrain tree run









Buzz's Glade is a double black diamond extreme terrain tree run that can be accessed from the Gold Hill Express (lift 14).

Buzz's Glade offers many different and exciting lines through the trees that are fun and challenging.

The snow stays pretty good in Buzz's Glade, as the tree runs tend to hold snow better than groomed runs.

There are some dangers to be aware of when skiing in Buzz's Glade.

There is a cliff that is well marked with signs and this area can be avalanche prone, so sometimes the run is closed depending on the avalanche danger that day.

This run is great for extreme skiers who'd like to challenge themselves with a fun tree run.

This run is never too crowded, as there is a lot of room to pick your line-you might not even see anyone while you're skiing in Buzz's Glade.

This run gives you a serene peaceful feeling, skiing in Buzz's Glade feels like skiing in the trees of the backcountry.