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A hike with a difference through meadows and water, a journey of discovery for all the senses in the Staz Forest, or a regenerating walk with all the family.

This and much more can be enjoyed on the new Barefoot Trails in Celerina. Barefoot trails are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore nature - quite literally - underfoot.

There are significant benefits, too: walking barefoot stimulates the circulation in your feet and enhances your feeling of well-being.

Moreover, it improves the circulatory system, boosts vitality and activates the immune system.

The best thing about it is that the magnificent Engadin scenery alone sets your heart racing, making the nature experience all the more inspiring, for the new barefoot trails lead through the spectacular nature around Celerina, with the beautiful Staz Forest as the absolute highlight.

An experience that is a treat for all the senses! The barefoot trails are suitable for adults, as well as families with children.

The surface underfoot alternates between water, meadow and forest path.

Walkers seeking peace and inspiration can follow the trail on their own, couples can spend some quality time together, and groups can use the experience to promote team spirit.

But no matter how you walk along the barefoot trails, you are sure to benefit from the sensations.

There are four trails, taking between 45 minutes and two hours to cover.

They begin where the path forks off below the Church of San Gian. #Note(s)# We recommend that you take your shoes with you. *¶ So lake ¶ Engadin St.

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