Yonkers is the spicy little neighbor to the north of Bonkers. It's not as long, but it's steeper and not skied as often.


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This is a fun little line if you're the neighborhood and can be a fun option when Bonkers is tracked out, or you're wanting something a little more engaging.

Access by starting at the Broads Fork trailhead in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Follow the summer trail until it opens up at the base of Yonkers and Bonkers, then head to the right towards the tight choke and climb up the chute.

There are some rocks and cliffs to navigate depending on the depth of the snowpack, but you'll get a good look at things as you climb up it. Yonkers starts from the ridge and drops into 45 degree terrain over a cliff.

From here you cut skiers right into the gut and descend down the middle of the chute.

You'll encounter a block of rock lower down that may be passable to either side.

The line opens back up after this and continues at a nice pitch until it's final choke.

From here it's just a fun mellow apron that can be skied all the way down to the beaver ponds.