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High-altitude hike with panoramic views along walking and hiking paths slightly above the elongated street village of Beatenberg and through harmless steep slopes over the Lombach into the secluded Habkern.

Impressive are the many deep views of the blue-green Lake Thun and the incomparable panorama with the summit group of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Longer hard surface sections in the Waldegg area and at the end of the hike. Beatenberg/Schmocken is not the only starting point for rewarding hikes.

The station of the Thunersee-Beatenberg-Niederhorn railways is also a traffic junction, as the bus route that connects the Höhendorf with Interlaken also ends here.

From the train station first on the main road eastwards.

Between the Hotel Beatus and the striking pyramid of the Hotel Dorint-Blüemlisalp, the path turns downhill and quickly leads over tree-covered meadows up to the edge of the Dälewald forest.

On the way you can already enjoy the wonderful view of the Bödeli and the Oberland mountain giants.

In the forest, the climb continues until you reach the upper road at point 1352, which is also the highest point of the hike. In the Spirenwald, at point 1325, one stands directly under the mighty rock bands of the Bireflue.

The little road descends gently into the Bödeli.

After thunderstorms a wild mountain stream rages through the seemingly harmless Sundgraben, which has also formed the extensive delta at Sundlauenen.

At the edge of the forest near Waldegg, the town of Beatenberg, which stretches over 6 km, can be seen almost along its entire length. Now the scenery changes: The densely wooded Hardergrat stands directly opposite and in the depth the densely populated Bödeli spreads out.

A narrow little path leads in slight down and up through the steep mountain flank to the Lombach to Bort.

Lonely farmsteads and numerous hedges along the way, lively bubbling mountain streams and the captivating view down to the upper end of Lake Thun will keep you busy.

The mountain village of Habkern is reached on a little road with little traffic. equipment