A fun black run that typically has large moguls.









This is one of our favorite pitches on the mountain.

Off the top of the Super Bee or the Excelerator ,this short and sweet run is never groomed; and can have gigantic bumps.

The more snow the better on this run as the steep rocks fill in.

Over on the skier’s left flank is the famous Drain Pipe Rock, famous for chucking skiers and riders alike.

This relatively small rock can be larger with speed but the landing is the problem here.

It’s steep and most of the time has large moguls, so you had better be aware of that before leaping.

This leads you down to any of the Resolution lifts long bump runs or you can traverse to the left to get to Slot Car Track that takes you to Alpine lift or even the Super Bee.

Come to Drainpipe for massive face shots on a powder day.

Sometimes in the springtime, this needs to soften up before it will be fun.