Last Steep is a fun, steep run that forms the skier's left hand boundary of Sock-It-To-Me Ridge, found after Hawk's Nest and Easy Out.









Last Steep forms the skier's left boundary of Sock-It-To-Me Ridge, easily accessible from Hawk's Nest and Old Pro through Rosy Lane and Easy Rider.

As you stay right of the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise you'll pass through the bottoms of Rosy Lane and Easy Rider.

This terrain is ungroomed and not technically difficult.

As you make your way through the trees as the bottom of Easy Rider and over the ridge, you'll find yourself on Last Steep, a pitch split by a narrow band of trees right in the middle.

There is steeper terrain on your left and easier terrain on your right.

If you go to far right you'll find yourself in steep tree chutes known as Phaser.

If you ski all the way to the bottom you'll have to exit to Black Eagle on a cat road traverse down to East River Express.

However, if you are looking to your left you should see a well-established traverse through the trees known as Buck's Traverse.

This will take you onto the left side of Daisy, a blue groomer from East River Express that takes you to Paradise Express, saving you the trip to East River.