A bump run (when not groomed) with a steep, consistent pitch.









Formidable is one of our favorite runs at Copper.

It’s kind of hard to get to and it takes you over to the Alpine Lift area so many people don’t come here.

The trail is off to the right off of Andy’s Encore, or straight ahead at the bottom of Oh No.

This has a great, consistent pitch to it and its pretty steep.

On the rare times they groom it, this is a local’s super g course so watch out.

But most of the time this has a lot of bumps on it.

There’s usually some fairly decent lines in here since more good skiers or boarders go here than bad ones.

Tree Islands and water bars early in the season gives way to perfect powder turns early on a powder day.

In the spring, this run is feast or famine; great soft bumps forever or rock hard bumps that will break you or your equipment.