A wide warm up run with some interesting bumps.


Analysing terrain data








Starting off with a short steep section going into a right hand turn, 17 is a good one to tackle after run 18.

It is slightly steeper but still wide and fun.

Because Zürs has a lot of undulating pistes, something to watch out for is people stopping or falling underneath a bump.

Stay in control of your speed so you are able to stop quickly if this happens.

The snow can get quite slushy on this run towards the bottom, so be aware of this and try and maintain a healthy speed where you see flat sections coming up.

There can also be some soft moguls, which tend to form later in the day.

These can tire your legs out quickly if you are a tense skier.

Stay relaxed and this is a lovely piste, particularly in the morning, and will provide a great stepping stone to the more challenging reds in the area.