A ridge top area at the top of the High Traverse


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Upper Saddle is not a ski trail.

It is a hike to area along the ridge line separating the Front and Backsides of the Alpine Meadows Ski Area.

Obviously it looks like a saddle.

Both Upper and Lower Saddles are easily visible from both the Alpine Bowl and Summit Six Chair lifts when looking to your left as you near the tops of each lift. Access to the Upper Saddle is via either the Alpine Bowl or Summit Chair Lifts. From the Summit Chair bear slightly to your left as you exit the lift.

Cross Alpine Bowl on the groomed road to the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair.

Ski through the building that covers the top station and begin hiking across and up the steep slope.

Using the Alpine Bowl Chair exit to your left and begin hiking.

Use caution, especially when conditions are firm.

There is usually a skier packed trail to follow.

Follow this trail until you reach the Upper Saddle which should be pretty obvious a couple hundred yards from the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair.

From the Upper Saddle you have a number of options leading to open bowls on the Backside of Alpine Meadows beginning from the top of the Upper Saddle or with a little additional hiking trails leading back to the base of the front side of Alpine. Views from the Upper Saddle are worth the hike.

Huge bowls are visible as you stare into Ward Valley which is the backside of Alpine Meadows.

Some of this area is accessible by hiking and is within the ski area boundary.

Other areas you are looking at are beyond the ski area boundary but accessible by hiking along the ridge line beyond Grouse Rock.