Narrow run through the trees ending with a mandatory cliff drop.


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One of the most technical runs on the resort, Mar's will take you from the top of the Siberia Bowl down through a steep chute surrounded by steep trees and ending with a mandatory cliff drop.

Take the Timber Bowl Express Quad up to the top of the Timber Bowl then hike up to the top of Siberia Ridge (3).

Once you are at the top of the ridge you can strap on your skis/board and ride down to the entry into Mar's Run.

It is the last run on the south side of the ridge right before you pass a snow safety tower.

You need to enter the run from its official entry as it is has huge cliffs neighboring it to the east.

The run is quite steep and narrow and will end with a small cliff drop that varies in size depending on the snow levels.

On a low snow year the run may not even open though as enough snow must accumulate for a landing to form.