Great options off of KT-22


Analysing terrain data








The West Face Alternates are numbered from west to east.

#1 is the closest to and just east of Moseley's.

They can be accessed by starting down the Nose off of the Top of KT-22 (turn right off the top of the chair, past the patrol shack) Turn left at the low point on the ridge line and traverse down and to the right.

There is a ridge line that you have to cut under and then continue traversing right until you see something you like.

Or you can continue down the Nose and before the Fingers turn left thru the trees into the higher numbered Alternates - this option is harder as there are chutes above the runs that have to be skied first as well as cliffs to be avoided. This is some of the steepest, sustained skiing at Squaw Valley and it's northern exposure with long pitches makes for great skiing.