A steep open slope with a gully ending.









This run is an east facing run visible on the high left ridge line as you drive in the valley.

It used to be called East Face, but was renamed Tamara's to honor Tamara McKinney, who grew up in Squaw Valley and won the overall women's ski World Cup in 1983.

Accessed just east of the top of Olympic Lady chair.

It's the most obvious run off the top of Olympic Lady to the east, turn left off the top of Olympic Lady Chair, climb a small knoll to your left and you are there.

If you are coming from the top of KT-22 stay on the ridge past the top of Olympic Lady and it's your first left from the top of the ridge.

Don't follow the chair line to the northeast unless you are looking for cliffs and a chute.

You can follow the ridge line to the right off of the top if you want to drop in a little lower.

It frequently has a steep, committed entry.

Follow the face fall line and then slightly right to the gully.

Don't go too far left near the top as there are cliffs.

If you go skier's right near the top watch for rocks on the minor ridge line.

When you reach the gully, follow it until you come to Champs Elysees or Easy Street to get back to the base.