Easiest way down Red Dog









Champs Elysees is a long, 1,250 vertical run from the top of Red Dog and Squaw Creek back to the base area.

Roads were cut to enable strong intermediate skiers to ski down Red Dog, which is essentially a black diamond zone.

Head west from the top of the Red Dog and Squaw Creek and follow the groomer down as it zigs and zags a couple of times on the way down to the main Red Dog Face run that it connects to towards the bottom.

You will pass skiers left of the top of Far east Express and skiers right of Olympic Lady on the way down.

There is snowmaking all the way down this run.

As you pass Far East Express you will be on a narrow cat track, keep your momentum as the trail flattens before a right hand turn around a knoll.

This run gets significantly steeper when it joins Red Dog Face near the bottom.

This is not a run for weaker or tired intermediates as the bottom is steeper than a normal blue run.