A definitive answer to those questioning their expert ability.









Enter the Expert Chutes from one of two small gaps in the trees lining the Tensleep Run on the skier’s right.

There is a trail sign indicating the Chutes, but can be hard to miss if you’re not paying attention.

The entrance is almost always rocky, so go slow.

Once you make your way to the edge set course for the skier’s right.

How far right is up to you.

It’s possible to traverse and sidestep over a hundred feet to gain a couple chutes on the far side, but those in a rush will most likely ski the main gut.

If you hug the trees on the skier’s lefthand side, directly below you await a few narrow chutes with mandatory cliff drops (these are often closed until late in the season).

It is possible to see the entire way down if you take your time so if you find yourself over any blind sections, chances are you are in the wrong spot.

Most likely you should traverse until you find a clear path.

The Expert Chutes are unbelievable on a powder day, but also ski well when crud or soft moguls.

If the snow is extra firm or icy, stay far away!