Fun, well protected steeps









From the top of Headwall, make the 180 degree left turn and head down the ridge on Bullet, bear right past some snow fencing, making sure to not head down the chair line to the Headwall Face to the left or the Bullet to the right.

Look for a rocky knob and head skiers right of it.

As you pass the knob, you may have to take your skis off or pick your way slowly around rocks.

When you reach the edge of the run, you will have a steep entry, frequently protected by big moguls and rocks.

You can go a little right and head down a small "gully" that comes back into the main run, head down the fall line or traverse left.

If you continue left be aware that the small ridge line can be rocky.

The Slot has a great pitch, interesting entry and an eastern exposure.

As you get lower it opens up and you can continue fall line, head right to Cornice Bowl or left to Headwall Face.

Watch for rocks on this run.