A steep black-diamond mogul run off of Hughes









Balch is a steep black-diamond mogul run that begins near the top of Zephyr Lift and comes out into Village Way, running parallel to Bradley’s Bash.

There are some trees waiting to be sliced up on the left, dividing Balch and Bradley's Bash.

About two-thirds of the way down, you can veer right and abandon the moguls for the steep, groomed Lower Hughes.

That’s the most direct way down to the base.

The Village Way route is less steep (blue/green) and involves a crowded catwalk called the Goob Tube - not worth it. Robert Balch became Winter Park's first manager in 1940, when the ski area first opened, and served until 1942 when he was enlisted in the army.

He was lost at sea when his ship was torpedoed and never made it back to his beloved Colorado Mountains.

He was inducted into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame in 1978.