1000m vertical of off piste right off the lift...









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A cracking descent down into the Vallon du Lou from the top of the La Masse lift system (due to be upgraded very soon for even faster access!) - this is quite a sunny line but is great after a cold snowfall or in spring snow conditions.

The main line of this route does turn into a bump field at times but don’t let this put you off - there are so many possibilities for variation down here.

Despite the large numbers of skiers you will see heading down here without any obvious signs of avalanche rescue kit do be aware that this area is not controlled in any way and has lots of roll-offs going over 30º which are prime for loading up with a Westerly snowfall or sliding on a warm spring afternoon. From the top of the La Masse télécabine there is a wide bowl directly in front of you as you walk out of the lift station - this is the start of the route.

Depending on snow cover you can drop in almost anywhere along the top of the ridge towards the big statue (I won’t spoil the surprise…).

If you continue past the statue the ridge bears leftwards and the slope angles ease off for an easier entry - just make sure you drop left - if you go right you will head into the Encombres valley with a flat 8km of skating/poling to get out… The most straight-forward route follows the ‘flow’ line down the hill through a series of bowls, gradually trending leftwards and eventually dropping down above the Refuge du Lac du Lou (well worth a lunch stop…).

From the refuge follow the track down valley and across the stream draining from the Lac du Lou.

Beyond this you can drop off the path and ski fun terrain rightwards towards the Plan de l’Eau chairlift.