A popular and easily accessible descent - a wide open bowl followed by excellent trees.









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The Tour du Prorel is popular and easily accessible, requiring only a short (5 minute) hike from the top of the Croix de la Nore chairlift or the Prorel gondola.

It feels like it should be a lot harder to find as you're quickly well away from any marked runs.

After a wide open and fairly gentle top section that can get wind affected, you head into a forest that has a habit of all looking the same whichever way you go.

The trick here is to keep left on your way down in order to get back to the bottom of the Aiguillette chairlift.

If you get too low (all too easily done) you'll hit a snow covered road that you can hike up (left) to get back to the Aiguillette chair.

Although the route finding can be confusing, this line has the advantage of not being too exposed, although there are a couple of steeper sections in the trees and you need to remain alert to the steeper slopes above and left on the top section.

Recently, signs have been erected warning of potential fines for riding in this area.

It is not the resort but the forestry service that polices this and it is unclear exactly which area is covered by the signs.

One thing is sure - the route is as popular as ever with freeriders.