A remote run off of Red Dog Ridge.









Heidi's is a nicely pitched remote run off of Red Dog Ridge.

It usually has nice snow conditions due to a steep slope, not too much skier traffic and a steep northern aspect.

The access is off of Olympic Lady when it runs or off of KT-22.

From KT -22, exit the chair, stay left on the ridge, ski past the top of Olympic Lady Chair, down the ridge, past Tamara's to a saddle area.

The area past the east of the saddle is known as Red Dog Ridge.

Traverse out onto the ridge and follow until you pass the prominent Heidi's rock.

Pass the rock on skiers right of the rock and you have found Heidi's.

You can also access it by hiking off of Champs Elysees near the top of Red Dog chair.

Hike and traverse until you see the run opening before Heidi's rock.

You end on Champs Elysees, so watch for slower skiers at the end of Heidis.

This used to be a more popular run before the realignment of Red Dog chair years ago, so enjoy an old ski run thru trees without much traffic.