Fun groomer with views









A nice, long, usually groomed trail off of the top of Headwall.

From the top of Headwall, make the 180 degree left turn and head down the ridge, bear right past some snow fencing, making sure to not head down the chair line to the Headwall Face.

You will see the old Cornice II chair top station on your left as you head down.

Stay on the ridge bearing right (don't turn left after seeing Cornice II) and continue to follow the ridge down a flatter somewhat rolling section.

The end of the Sun Bowl traverse will come in from your right and the Horse Trails will be on your left.

Past the Horse Trails, bear left down a fun rolling section that has a good steeper pitch, this is the most fun part of the run.

You will pass Adrenaline rock on your left and then the run flattens out as it approaches its end when it merges with the Horse Trails run just above the Mountain Run.

This run is indicated as a double blue square on Squaw's trail map.

The last steep section and the last pitch above the mountain run (sometimes moguled) are the steepest sections.