A wide, groomed cruiser that takes you from the beginner areas to the base


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Turnpike is an easy, groomed, green trail that takes you from right below the Discovery/Prospector area to the base of Winter Park Mountain.

Ski school classes often use this route downhill to avoid the catwalk and steep areas of Village Way.

There may be snowmobiles on the left side of the trail transporting kids ski school students down to the base at the end of the day.

Don't bomb this trail ...

there are too many beginners! Turnpike has enough steepness to keep you going, but start to gain speed near the bottom so you can glide as long as possible at the end (instead of walking with your gear).

This trail ends at Sorenson Park on the most northern part of the resort's base, and always requires a walk of up to 100 yards back to the base, depending on how far you are able to glide on the last part.

Don't tuck and bomb out of control here even if it saves you a few steps, because it's the beginner area with unpredictable crowds in the way.