Moderate red slope









The first lift after coming down from Hochwurzen via "Abfahrt-Pichl" is an old double chairlift named Reiteralm 1.

Reiteralm is a great Ski-Mountain with loads of possibilities on and off piste for intermediate to advanced skiers.

There are slopes which are not commonly used in their full length and "Reiteralm Talabfahrt" is one of those.

So if you don't mind the old chairlift, this slope is a good choice to escape the crowds during the day.

This slope also is one of the least steep options on Reiteralm.

From 3pm the slope will fill up with people heading back to Planai.

You get to this slope if you exit the Reiteralm 1 chairlift to your left and pass underneath "Panoramast├╝berl" hut, there is an exit towards Preunegg Jet gondola on the right after the first-third, and keeping to the right after two-thirds will lead you to the famous "Finale Grande" Slope or towards the "Black Horse", a short black slope.