A classic wide ski run with a perfect pitch - great for carving


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Cranmer is a groomed, intermediate trail that leads from the top of Winter Park Mountain to the base of Prospector and Eskimo Lifts.

This trail starts out boring, but after you veer right onto Upper Cranmer … then you are in carving heaven! Or you can take the other start to Cranmer, behind Sunspot that often involves a short but gnarly mogul field (this is rated blue on the map, but it's usually not groomed.) Upper Cranmer has a strip of moguls on the right side that are good for novice bumpers.

You can get back on groomed when your thighs start to burn.

Cranmer has one of the best fall lines for continuous, perfectly carved turns all the way to Snoasis.

In fact, the NASTAR race course is located on this run (good cheap fun).

On a powder day, hit the trees to the right of Lower Cranmer under the Eskimo Lift (next to Rerailer Terrain Park) or dice up the race course before the crew sets up the gates. Cranmer is named after George E.

Cranmer who is referred to as the “Father of the Winter Park.” He was an early force in the founding of Winter Park, who dreamed of a Denver city park that would become a world-class winter sports center.

In 1977, in recognition of his contribution to Colorado skiing, George Cranmer was inducted into the Ski Hall of Fame in 1977.