The local's favourite dump.


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This is the local's favourite dump.

Situated to the skier's left of the upper headwall on Short Snort, this run has all the makings of a true Aspen classic.

Usually harnessing some of the best snow on the mountain- fast chalky snow during high pressures and soft, light powder during storms- there are few runs as steep and fun as Zaugg Dump.

After a series of easy turns, the tight run immediately gives way to rocks and steep drop offs between moguls that have skiers cautiously descending to the top of the next horizon.

As you finish navigating the upper section, you'll pass a shrine on skier's left, and you end up on top of an old mine tailing.

Choose your line from here.

Watch out for the many local kids that are here.

The top of this mine tailing forms the perfect launching pad for big air time down into the moguls and fun free ride terrain beneath.

Generally the middle is the least skied section, with bigger mogul to the skier's right, and a fast line on the skier's left.

A nasty compression lines the entirety of the bottom as you make your way out onto Spar Gulch, so be careful as you enjoy the speed of the fall-line descent.