Hard run with a rewarding finale


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Running gently from the top of the Knorren or the Penken Express, piste 25 all of a sudden turns into a steep slope, that could test your abilities.

It just runs straight down, alongside a forest, untill it evens out and joins the 26 for a while.

Now the run widenes and often gets quite busy.

Alternating angles and shapes make this a hard section for many skiers.

Typically, they pick up a lot of speed as they turn to the left to follow piste 26.

Piste 25, however, continues straight ahead with a steep and narrow section, wich can be icy.

After this bottleneck, the 25 continues as a wide, meandering piste untill the finish at the Penken Express.

To avoid the bottleneck, and ski one of the loveliest slopes of the Penken area, you could decide to join the 26 to the left first, and steer down to the right soon after, to catch the 25 again.

Untill it joins the main track, this well groomed, sunny and steep slope is pure piste heaven.