An open pitch with great powder or moguls into a steeper couloir and then open ground.


Analysing terrain data









The exposure grade does not take into account objective hazards (stone fall, seracs, etc) but only the consequences of the skier falling.

Low Exposure (E1): Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.

Medium Exposure (E2): As well as the slope itself, there are some obstacles (such as rock outcrops) which could aggravate injury.

High Exposure (E3): In case of a fall, death is highly likely.

Extreme Exposure (E4): In case of a fall, the skier faces certain death.


From the top of Vernant chair lift you can find a couple of lines back down to the bottom. Be careful as there are cliff bands half way down and only a couple of ways through. The first half is easy as you just cut back in under the chair by either turning left or right and back on yourself. In fresh snow this pitch can be superb and if there hasn’t been any snow then you’ll usually find some great moguls! From half way down head into the gully and follow this down (there are a couple of steep pitches and it can be narrow) before opening up below the trees and you can ski a great short pitch down.

Be careful not to go to far left as there is a cliff band. Let your skis run at the bottom as you hit the flat and head towards the Vernant chair or you’ll be walking further than you need to.