An exciting blue run with a wide variety of terrain.









Oh, No! is an awesome run off of Andy’s Encore that is quite a roller coaster ride.

Usually, there is a small bump field at the beginning to discourage those not ready.

From there it flattens out for a bouncy little moment, then there’s a road that you can get a small air off but don’t go too big, it flattens out quick.

Then a hundred yards of flat with a bigger mound to get air off.

After that it flattens out again, and bears left towards what some locals call “Blood Bowl” This is a steeper section that is sometimes groomed, sometimes not.

Careful it can be crowded.

Over to the far left is a section they don’t normally groom, that has big moguls and drop-offs, and is a fun little place to play but if you don’t like it you can cut right and get back to the easier stuff.

Then, a choice; go straight and go down Formidable, one of our favorites, but it brings you back to the Alpine lift; or bear left and down to Rosi’s run, down to the Super Bee or you can cut hard left and get back to the main village via Andy’s Encore.