A bowl with a medium pitch that provides a manageable experience for strong intermediate riders.


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Marvin Gardens is on the catwalk toward the skier’s right in the Spaulding Bowl area, Marvin Gardens is a medium steep pitch that is good for those who don’t want to scare themselves but want to experience one of Copper’s Bowls.

Marvin Gardens is a great way to see the bowl without having to ski the hard stuff.

If one is still intimidated by the pitch here, go further to the skier’s right, to Boardwalk, where it gets even easier.

A scared person can see the bowl without hardly making a turn! However, Spaulding Rock, a big rock to jump off is located here; but shouldn’t be tried if not an expert, and lots of snow.

Many rock pictures have been taken from this rock and many call it, ”Photographers rock.” Lots of people have eaten it off this rock ending their day or their season.

Check it out first and note the flat landing if you go too far!