This can be groomed or moguled and the difference between the two is substantial.









Blue Ox starts off pretty flat for the first couple of pitches but then gets much steeper.

This can be groomed or moguled and the difference is substantial.

When groomed, this is a hard black with a fun roller coaster feel.

It is at its best when first groomed, as it gets scraped off as the day goes on.

It gets pretty solid as the snow making base shows its face! Many have a hard time with the steepness and it throws them sideways, meaning they slide the nice snow into clumps on top of the rolls.

Always watch out as there can be people sitting down on the other side of the rolls.

When bumped, this can be a long, arduous battle with the bumps.

There is no easier way out, so if you don't like moguls, and the grooming report doesn't say Blue Ox was groomed, don't go down this! There are great views here of Vail and the surrounding Gore Range.

Be careful, this can get icy and slid off as bad snowboarders skid.

This is definitely one of those trails people brag about doing at Vail, even if it takes them half the day, although that part of the story isn't told at the bar at the end of the day! Named after the lumberjack's folklore hero Paul Bunyan, whose ox Babe turned Blue during the "Winter of Blue Snow."