A great groomer run that was part of the 1987 World Championship Downhill course.









Rosi’s Run is a great run under the Super Bee that has several steep pitches and a couple of flats to catch your breath.

This gets groomed almost every day so it’s usually a great groomer that has a couple steep pitches to keep you on your toes.

This was the last pitch of the 1987 World Championship Downhill course that started at the top of the Poma! There were said to be going over 80+ mph but I would not suggest that today since the boys and girls in yellow (ski patrol) will not appreciate that.

You can go fast here because it’s very wide open but please be careful.

Sometimes they leave sections of bumps on either side.

No matter what, this is best early and deteriorates during the day since many choose to be over their ability as long as they stay in sight of the lift.