A steep cornice drop that transitions into a steep, consistent pitch--one of our favorite runs at Copper.









This is one of our favorite runs at Copper and although pretty short, this can get the blood flowing for sure.

So Fine may be the easiest of the trails to the left of the entrance of Spaulding Bowl but it is still an advanced area and not for the faint of heart.

Off the top of the Storm King Poma, to the left in Spaulding bowl, this is a cornice drop to steep that is best with fresh snow but can be fun anytime.

Go past Patrol Chute and Cornice Chute to get here.

You can catch some big air here but know where you are landing because there are lots of rocks, some hidden, that can bite you.

After the cornice jump, it’s a great consistent pitch that is steep and one of the widest in this area and you need to keep turning to control your speed.

Sometimes you can slide your way into the trail but most of the time air is required.

This is a super place to take photos of people jumping the cornice with the sky chutes in the background.