One of the most accessible major peaks in the Catalinas.


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"At approx.

5 miles each way, Mt.

Kimball is the most accessible major peak in the Catalinas," writes brianb on [](

Other peaks in the Catalinas rise much higher and are much more remote, making them difficult to hike base-to-summit in a single day.

But even though you can tackle Mount Kimball in 10 miles round trip, don't think that the hike is easy: you'll have to climb 4,206 feet of elevation to reach the 7,258-foot summit! This route to the summit follows the popular ascent up the Finger Rock Trail.

While the trail starts off quite flat, it quickly steepens—you have a ton of elevation to gain, after all.

As you climb toward the summit, you'll enjoy beautiful views down into the canyon below.

As you climb, you'll leave the dry desert environment behind and climb into a lush forest landscape.

"Only as you climb higher do thicker vegetation and forests begin to appear," according to Andinstaloco on [](

This unusual landscape makes Mt.

Kimball, like most of its neighbors, a "sky island." The summit of Mount Kimball features a small ledge, which "offers a stunning 180 degree view of the northwest side of the Catalinas - which is the prettiest and most dramatic view in the range, in my opinion," according to brianb.

"Well worth the trip!" Sources: