A long, intermediate groomer that is more challenging on its top half









Mary Jane Trail is an awesome, long, intermediate run that is usually groomed.

It’s a long but exhilarating ride with some fun steep areas along the way.

Sometimes it isn’t groomed, and because this is such a popular trail for skiers and riders who don’t enjoy moguls, it can get icy and rough later in the day.

The portion that connects the groomed and ungroomed area where you leave Whistlestop and begin down Mary Jane trail can have some hidden rocks when the snowpack is lacking, and this section can be challenging to intermediate-level skiers/riders. Take a sharp right as you get off the Super Gauge Express Lift, and cruise the green trail, Whistlestop, until you arrive at the top of the “Jane Trail” (as it is called by locals).

If you cut down the first right, you will find steep moguls for one hill.

If it has snowed recently, go a little further, drop down, veer right into the trees and fly through great powder; or wait and take the last right (near the top of the Olympia Lift) down a groomed section that traverses around and avoids the mogul portion.

Mary Jane Trail widens and becomes less steep near the bottom.

Mary Jane Trail and mountain were named after a local “Lady of the Evening” who acquired this land as a means of settling debts owed to her from miners and railroad workers.

There’s even a microbeer named after her that you can find in the Club Car bar at the base (and it’s delicious!).

Every year in late January, the town and resort celebrate Mary Jane’s Birthday with a parade, fireworks, and contests.