A traverse where it’s important to keep your speed in order to not get stuck.









Slot Car Track is a traverse that takes you from the Resolution area back over to the Alpine lift area or the East Village or even the Main Village.

If you are on a snowboard this can be potentially a pain in the butt.

The key is to get speed right at the entrance, (just left of Cabin Chute) and maintain it.

This starts off with a little hill and then goes completely flat so if you don’t want to walk, you’re going to need speed.

It bears off to the left and goes a little uphill before the final 100 yards that bring you to the top of Far East; a trail in the Alpine lift area.

Keep going straight, and you end up on Oh No and you then meet up with many more options.

Keep traversing left until you get to Andy’s Encore and bear left at the end of that to get to the Main Village.