Piste with race tracks to set a personal best









On the flanks of the Horberg, piste 15 feels remote.

With no other lifts or pistes in sight, you finely get an impression of how wild the mountains actually are.

From the top of the Horberg, the piste initially is quite steep and chances in a more a gentle, wide, S shaped run soon.

Along the side, two race tracks are at your disposal.

The first one is easy.

Go to the start and when the small lightbulb says green, go.

At the finish, you can check your time on a display.

The second track is more difficult.

It is a safe plan to investigate both race tracks during a slow first run.

Come back for a second and a third lapse, to see wether you have improved your personal best.

Skiing past Restaurant Unterbergalm, piste 15 suddenly steepens.

but remains wide untill you reach the lift.