A challenging and varied run.









Straight on and to the left from Flaine's Grand Vans chair arrival point, or a sharp left back on yourself from the Vernant Chair.

Either way it is worth stopping once off the chair and taking in the view.

From the top of the Dolomie you can see the Tête du Saix and the top of the lifts out of Samoëns, Morillon and Les Carroz.

In the other direction is Mont Blanc, behind the Combe de Véret.

This piste starts off reasonably wide and narrows as it bends to the right, then it appears to stop for a 90 degree left turn straight into either a wide, steep and groomed run OR a wide, steep and mogully run, depending on the conditions.

Staying to the side where the snow is grippier is advisable for those still a bit shaky on blues or who are returning at the end of the day back to one of the Massif stations.

This wide run has a 'bump' or 'roller' half way down from which some will take air, and then continues gently to meet with the Silice which is a natural resting point.

The final 500-600m of this run is a steep slope which often has moguls formed by mid afternoon, as it is a main crossroads for those visiting from or going to Flaine.

The run then flattens out with a very slight uphill bent, so if you are making for the Corbalanche chairlift or the Portet/Arolle pistes, try and schuss from as high up this last 300-400 metres as possible or poles will be needed.

Those taking the Vernant chairlift should have enough momentum to reach it easily.