Highway through the Rastkogel area.









Piste 63 separates from piste 67 and heads straight through the Rastkogel area.

The finish is at the bottom of the Lämmerbichl lift.

From this highway, the view over the Tux valley is fantastic.

Coming from the 67, piste 63 is a wide and flowing path.

From the right, several pistes cross it, to continue down to the left.

Also joining from the right is a section of piste 63, which starts from the top of the Lämmerbichl lift.

This broad, wavy slope is one of the easier runs in the area, but it still requires a good snowplough turning and steering technique.

After crossing the path, that section of the 63 leads to the bottom of Horbergjoch lift.

The path itself continues until it reaches the top of the Rastkogelbahn.

Now another section of the 63, coming from the right side, leads down in the direction of the Lämmerbichl restaurant.

To get to the bottom of the Lämmerbichl lift later, follow this well groomed and wide blue slope to the left first and then find a small path at its right-hand side.

This narrow and unkempt path will take you to the 64, an difficult, icy run.

Cross this piste and ski the last bit of the 63 at the right-hand side of the 64, where there are less people, to get to the Lämmerbichl lift.