With the addition of Solstice, Salida finally boasts a true downhill flow trail!


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Of the three newest flow trails built on Methodist Mountain—Sol Train East, Sol Train West, and Solstice—the Solstice trail segment rises head-and-shoulders above the rest, offering the absolute best flow trail mountain biking experience in the Arkansas Valley! (At least, as of the time of this writing.) The swoop and flow of Solstice is the stuff that mountain biking dreams are made of.

The berms are massive and swooping, setting you up perfectly for the next tabletop or hip.

The tables are perfectly-sized and spaced just so to allow you to link the entire trail together… if only you have the stamina for the effort.

The only thing you’ll wonder once finishing is why it couldn’t last longer.

(It *is* possible that Solstice may be extended further down the mountainside in the future, but that is still TBD… stay tuned!) To help extend the flow trail ecstasy, you can opt to climb all the way to the top of the Sol Train West Trail to warm up before reaching Solstice.

(The route mapped here follows Race Track -> Little Rainbow -> Sun Up.) Unfortunately, the rhythm of Sol Train West isn’t quite consistent enough to fully satisfy.

Some sections connect together perfectly, with well-designed berms and sets of tabletops, but linking all parts of Sol Train West together into the perfect shred would take consistent practice and a good dose of luck. Where Sol Train West doesn’t quite provide the perfect rhythm, Solstice’s rhythmic pumping, rolling, and flowing is exactly the finish that you’re looking for.

But once you’ve popped out the bottom end of the trail, there’s no real reason why you can’t do it again and again.

For another quickie, simply pedal back up the pavement to where Little Rainbow crosses the road, and drop in for round two.